Australian Organic Board of Directors

Meet the Australian Organic Board of Directors...




ANDREW MONK has extensive experience in owning and managing organic horticulture, food processing and waste management businesses, with direct involvement over the last two decades in organic auditing and Standards.

Andrew is a highly regarded professional in environmental, food safety and organic auditing systems.  He is currently the Managing Director of Victorian environmental services company, Mulching Technologies; as well as an Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of New England; member of the International Certification Standards Committee for IFOAM; and the Chairman for leading Australian solar and battery design company Enervest.

He maintains organic certification for a small organic farm with Australian Certified Organic and has previously served the Australian organic industry via BFA Ltd as CEO, between 2000 and 2005, overseeing the creation of subsidiary Australian Certified Organic.

Andrew is passionate about delivering rigorous, professional and member focused governance and management for Australian Organic and protecting the Bud logo for clients.




KIM MORGAN’s passion for organics resulted in the establishment of the certified food business mOrganics. Kim is the representative for farmer member Gemtree Vineyards and organises and runs International Trade Missions and stands at trade and consumer events in Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia.  She actively works with organic businesses to assist them in market access, business development, and business grants. Kim has a thorough working knowledge of export compliance requirements, and a degree in marketing and education and has worked in Australia and the UK in management, operations and marketing roles in hotel groups, business services, and catering companies. Kim believes that trade development (promoting demand for Australian organic produce and products) in the domestic and export markets is integral to the future security and success of members and their businesses. Working closely with many primary producer businesses and processors over the past years has given Kim an intimate understanding and appreciation of the challenges and issues facing industry members.




QUENTIN KENNEDY owns and manages Kialla Pure Foods, an organic cereal grain
processing operation based on the Darling Downs, Queensland. This business supplies product to retail, manufacturing and wholesaling operations throughout Australia, while exporting a significant amount of product into Asia and New Zealand. The sister company to Kialla, Aus Organic Feeds, supplies certified stockfeed into both commercial and retail operations. Quentin has served on the board since 2005. Quentin’s focus on the Board is to keep certification simple (if that is possible!), maintain an equitable fee and promotional contribution structure, and ensure that promotional contributions are spent in an efficient and effective manner for our members.




MARTIN MEEK began his working life as a high school teacher before establishing the Flannery franchise group of stores with Mal Flannery in 1994. Martin was the managing director and equal partner of the Flannery Group from 1994 until its sale in February 2008. Dealing with three years' worth of non-competes, he began importing organic dry goods and nut butter machines, and set up the online store, Daintree Organics. In 2014, he bought a 50% stake in United Organics, a certified organic fresh produce wholesaler based in the Brisbane Markets. In this role, Martin has direct dealings with organic producers, growers and processors throughout the country. Martin has over 20 years’ experience in almost every
aspect of the organic food chain. The farmers supplying his company, United Organics, are working hard to educate him in the basics of organic farming - just to round off his experiences. Martin has been privileged to be on the Board of Directors of Australian Organic since 2013.




RICK MCDOUGALL began his working life in 1970 on his family’s Inglewood farm assisting with cattle, crops and tobacco growing and during the 1980s, took over the farm operations. The following decade saw Rick purchase an additional four adjoining irrigation properties, exit the tobacco industry and focus on cattle breeding, hay production and cereal cropping, revealing his growing concern for declining soil health, increasing inputs and declining yields. Rick began his research into organic farming and by 2000, all of his properties were certified organic. Together with his wife Nonnie, Rick currently operates Whetstone Organics. Rick sports 25 years’ experience in conventional irrigation farming and over 20 years’ experience as an organic farmer, earning himself the following roles (among others) over the past 45 years: Executive Member of the Macintyre Brook Irrigators Association, Executive Member of Border Rivers Food and Fibre, Councillor on the Inglewood Shire Council, Director of the Queensland Murray Darling Committee, Foundation Member and Director of Three Rivers Lucerne Co-Op and Chairman of Alphagro Pty Ltd. Rick is currently a Councillor on the Goondiwindi Regional Council (for the past 14 years), a member of the National Standards Subcommittee and a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.